video animation (14 min 10 sec, dual projection, 3840 x 1080 px, sound, color)
carpet, bench, air condition, electronics

2013 / 2014

The idea for INTER came up during my two month stay in Tokio in 2013. My main goal was the analysis of the urban structure of Tokyo and the research on the meaning of the „MA“. „MA“ which can be roughly translated as „interval“ or „pause“ is often used in the context of japanese architecture. „MA“ describes the experience of an invisible interspace.
The video installation „INTER“ examines the experience of „MA“ on the basis of the contemporary japanese architecture and society including the perception of exterior and interior.
In the video INTER outdoor, inter and interior spaces merge together as well as nature subordinates the urban structures. For this video only pictures from Toyko and Tohoku area were taken and assembled together. INTER is reflecting urban development and artificiality in the 21st century. Using the example of Tokyo you get a view on a possible dystopia.




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