installation (video, objects
, photographs)

The video animation Collapsing Mies is based on photographs showing views of buildings by Mies van der Rohe: details from interiors and latticed structures of entire façades are mounted on and over one another. These fragments are delicate, as if dissected, removed from their original context, with a scalpel. They speak in combination with telling details — the Barcelona Chair, for instance, or a wall of reddish onyx — of the modernist dream of efficiency, transparency and elegance. It is not the camera and with it the observer that moves through immobilized, static spaces, the individual elements of the buildings themselves are mobile. They turn slowly on their own axes, sliding into one another, all the while increasing in number.

In this video, as in the series Mies, Claudia Larcher sets in motion a complex shift between two and three dimensionality. Starting from two-dimensional photographic depictions of built architecture, she constructs new spaces that follow neither the laws of statics nor those for imitating nature. Her paradox spatial structures force the viewer to wonder often about the individual elements of the images: whether they are to be found at the 'front' or the 'back', whether they are 'inside' or 'outside', whether they show small sections or entire buildings.



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