video animation, 8 min, Full HD, 5.1
Sound: Constantin Popp

The skin is the body´s largest sense organ: delicate and at the same time extremely robust, it has to fulfill various functions, from excretion through to storage of nutrients. Although one hopes to shed it at a metaphorical level, it simultaneously serves as the bearer of our identity, which can be written on, marked, and changed. It is more than simply a shell, more than a border between inside and outside, it is the self, (not only) in Larcher´s video.
A laconic-analytical camera pan shows a close-up of it at the beginning: pores, fine hairs, a mesh of blue veins that shine through the delicate membrane. In what follows, details yield a whole, and one seems to recognize neck, armpit, and upper arm. Suggested here is an interior that this skin stretches around. But suddenly there are "wrong" extensions, "impossible" elongations and overlaps. The border between inside and outside is successively dissolved and flows into a "liquefaction" of the image in whose blurriness, pink masses multiply and caverns protrude until the camera returns to the start again.

picture: Gerhard Klocker, text by Claudia Slanar




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