BAUMEISTER (installation)
video animation: HD, 16:9, 9min 30sec
sound by Constantin Popp
paravent: 3 digital prints, wood, 230 x 180 cm

"The camera moves in a spiral along the ceiling: it takes up its circular form by tracing out the seams between two elements of the ceiling; rectangular lamps emerge one after another like a schematic depiction of sunbeams or the spokes a wheel; parallel to this, the soundtrack evokes atmospheric, resonant “drops”— at least one of a countless number of associations.
The video BAUMEISTER looks at the deserted interior of ORF's Studio Dornbirn. Planned and built by Gustav Peichl from 1969 to 1972. Claudia Larcher’s work generates a continuum of space and time that does not actually exist in reality. (INES GEBETSROITHER)



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